“Exploring the beauty and mystery of nature and human emotions … that’s what inspires me!”  Tamara states when asked about her paintings and their latest manifestations in acrylic & canvas. Working with her mentor, Gerrit Greve, Tamara has reached a new level of artistry.  Fluid, colorful and emotional, Tamara’s painting attempt to capture the universal life language of ebb and flow, which exists in all living things. Tamara’s extensive color and design background is very apparent in her works. If you have not seen any of Tamara’s wonderful paintings, a trip to Kiki’s Hair Studio in Carlsbad might need to be in order where the walls are adorned with Tamara’s current art pieces. Tamara is also available for special commissions. To reach Tamara, you can call or text her directly at 760-519-1882 or email her at tamara (at)